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An Interview with Computer Science Professor Dr. Rebecca Wright

This summer, while at the NJ Governor’s School for Engineering and Technology, I was able to meet one of the keynote speakers, Dr. Rebecca Wright. After the program ended, I was also able to interview … [Read More...]

Sir James Dyson: ‘It’s sexist to say that women and girls don’t ‘do’ engineering’

"To encourage girls to get inventing, we need to do more reveal a true picture of engineering at a young age. Between the ages of seven and nine, children develop the key critical reasoning skills … [Read More...]

Is Sailing for the STEMinist?

Editor's note: Nicole Trennholm is a scientist on the Ocean Research Project and is currently aboard the Japan-bound Sakura. She is periodically sending updates from sea: "Hey lady, wake up! It's … [Read More...]

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STEMinist Profile: Linda Ratliff, CNC Machinist

“I love how at the end of the day I have a physical result of my work, and that the parts I run could be instrumental in saving a life one day.”


STEMinist Profile: Nicole Trenholm, Program Director/Field Operations Scientist

I am in love with the natural sciences. I want to defend the environment; therefore, I decided to charge STEM and embrace it.

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