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Sir James Dyson: ‘It’s sexist to say that women and girls don’t ‘do’ engineering’

"To encourage girls to get inventing, we need to do more reveal a true picture of engineering at a young age. Between the ages of seven and nine, children develop the key critical reasoning skills … [Read More...]

Is Sailing for the STEMinist?

Editor's note: Nicole Trennholm is a scientist on the Ocean Research Project and is currently aboard the Japan-bound Sakura. She is periodically sending updates from sea: "Hey lady, wake up! It's … [Read More...]

Chart: This is how bad the gender gap is at tech companies

"Women make up less than 40 percent of the workforce at Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter, and no more than one-fifth of the technical workforce at those companies." [ via GeekWire … [Read More...]

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STEMinist Profile: Linda Ratliff, CNC Machinist

“I love how at the end of the day I have a physical result of my work, and that the parts I run could be instrumental in saving a life one day.”


STEMinist Profile: Nicole Trenholm, Program Director/Field Operations Scientist

I am in love with the natural sciences. I want to defend the environment; therefore, I decided to charge STEM and embrace it.

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