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GoldieBlox Demands Change With An Incredible New Music Video

The idea for this video, as GoldieBlox says on its website, was to “showcase the amazing inventive power that girls have.” So they rewrote the lyrics to “Girls.” And they got three (awesome) little girls, six engineers and Brett Doar, the brain behind the OK Go!’s Rube Goldberg machine to turn a regular house a house into a “princess machine.”

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Lucy Rogers, STEM communicator

The key to changing minds and holding interest is to be goal-oriented, Rogers believes. This means describing career choices in terms of what people want to do rather than just as a vague ‘engineering’ catch-all.

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Portraits of Women in the Power Industry

Patty West believes that she was destined to be in the power industry. “When I was little, my favorite song was Glenn Campbell’s Lineman for the County,” she said laughing. “That might have been predestination that I was going to end up in the utility business!” West considers herself a “science nerd” whose love for science fairs led her to pursue a career in civil engineering. She explained that she had a desire for an environmental career and at the time, “we didn’t have all these fancy different environmental engineering choices, we had mechanical, civil, or electrical,” she said. She chose civil.

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Where are the women scientists and engineers?

In the six years since the financial crisis, geekiness has become trendy for young men. But still the female geek is nowhere to be seen. Asked to explain why, government says it’s up to industry; industry blames the universities, universities blame schools, schools blame parents and parents, well, they blame the media.

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UK Encourages More Women to Join Oil, Gas Industry

At Schlumberger, careful consideration is given to working conditions for employees in remote locations; flexibility for parents needing maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or telecommuting work arrangements; and mobility allowances to be used to travel to home countries or to bring extended family members to them, Cox said.

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Suzi Perry: The technology industry needs more women

“Perceptions are definitely changing, though. There are some really fantastic women inventing amazing products, increasingly heading up tech companies and there are some awesome girl gamers. But it seems like it’s going to take time to catch up.”

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Get more women into tech? My colleagues never got the memo

Even though I’ve done all the things I was supposed to do, I feel abandoned by this movement. In the face of growing female concern over women exiting the workforce, the only messages for young, female professionals are vague appeals to lean in, heed the warnings of the Opt-Out Generation, have it all some of the time or settle for some of those things most of the time. It’s depressing. What I really want to know is how to survive in the male-dominated engineering world, and no one seems to want to talk about that.

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