Harvard’s WECode conference welcomes more women into tech

More than 250 attendees flocked to the inaugural event for keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and shorter ‘lightning’ talks from prominent women in the innovation and technology sectors.

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20 must-attend tech conferences for female entrepreneurs in 2014

Earlier this month, I asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council about the top events for founders in 2014. But we thought we’d dive a little deeper and get opinions from our female members. We asked 20 women of YEC the following question: What is one must-attend conference or event you’re looking forward to in 2014, and why?

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Hookers And Hackers Is The Least Surprising Tech Party Of All Time

Alexandra Hunter, who works for a San Francisco-based tech incubator called Hacker Hideout, was unapologetic about her company’s ‘Hackers and Hookers’ Halloween party.

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New Events Calendar for Women in STEM


We’ve added a new Calendar for events of interest to women in STEM around the world. Submit your event today!

STEMinist Calendar of Events

Tech women find opportunities in Girl Geek Dinners

They’d gathered on a recent evening for one of the latest editions of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, enjoying wine, sandwiches and sauteed chicken and checking out TechShop’s 3-D printers and silk-screening machines. And, not incidentally, sharing stories and advice on surviving and thriving in tech’s male-dominated culture.

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Puppet Labs is giving away 5 free tickets to PuppetConf for women in IT/ops/sysadmin

PuppetConf also includes a women’s breakfast, 8am to 9am on Friday morning, where you can meet other women interested in systems administration. It is open to all self-identified women attending PuppetConf.

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10 fellowships for women to attend the Open Hardware Summit

This year the Summit team is excited to team up with the Ada Initiative to offer five Open Hardware Fellowships for women. These fellowships include a $500 travel stipend and admission to the Summit. In addition there will be five Fellowship tickets for women for admission (sans travel stipend) to the Summit.

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Google Is Offering Grants for Women to Attend Tech Conferences

Google in Europe has announced a scholarship program to send tech-minded women to industry and academic conferences. The grants include free registration (which can be hundreds of dollars at some conferences) plus up to 1,000 Euros for travel.

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It’s Time to ‘Lean in’ and Do Something About Diversity at Tech Events

So diversity shouldn’t be seen as a ‘women’s issue'; it’s about ensuring conference panels reflect the audiences they’re talking to. Inviting speakers from a wide range of backgrounds might bring a different point of view to the conference, which helps making talks and panels a lot more interesting.

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AWIS will host ‘Women in Bioscience’ conference

As this year’s theme of “Discovering New Heights” suggests, the conference invites scientists at all career levels to network and learn about various career opportunities in the sciences. AWIS-San Diego will also be awarding scholarships to outstanding students at the event.

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