Top 5 Toys Beyond Goldiblox

How to get girls interested in STEM disciplines has been occurring for decades. The now-famous 1981 ad featuring a scruffy little girl holding Lego bricks declaring “This is What is Beautiful” gets sent around regularly with parents and educators wondering where we went wrong and why the gender gap in toys (and STEM careers) has widened rather than closed in the intervening 30+ years.

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Gender segregation of toys damaging STEM equality

Gender-specific approaches are not fair on children as they learn constantly about how they are supposed to feel, behave and what would make them acceptable to their social group and family, Ms Willott said. “It’s not fair to make little girls feel that they shouldn’t be kicking footballs or building with Lego and it’s not fair to make little boys feel ashamed of playing netball or playing with a pushchair or pushing a doll along or whatever.

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GoldieBlox Is Back With a New Engineering Toy For Girls

Called GoldieBlox and the Parade Float, this new storybook and building kit introduces girls ages 4 to 9 to the wheel-and-axle concept of engineering, plus Goldie’s new friend, Ruby Rails.

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Children’s toys push girls out of STEM fields

Girls’ spatial learning development, career goals and even their perspective on life are all influenced by the toys they play with during early childhood. And although young women should absolutely be encouraged to enter the STEM fields after high school, attempting to garner their interest at age 18 might just be too little, too late.

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Breaking Brick Stereotypes: LEGO Unveils a Female Scientist

Town—which became City in 2005—features minifigs in everyday life, quite often in jobs requiring STEM skills. These have included doctors, EMTs, engineers, astronauts and space scientists. Males have dominated such roles, but a number of females have appeared here as well. In fact, the very first female minifig was a Town doctor.

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Barbie Mars-Bound? Mattel, NASA Team Up To Make Doll Martian Explorer

“Mars Explorer Barbie,” a new spacesuited version of the iconic fashion doll, officially launched on Monday (Aug. 5), to coincide with the first anniversary of NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Mars Explorer Barbie is packaged with a cardboard cutout of the six-wheeled Mars Science Laboratory, decked out in pink.

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Stanford Students Bet That Dads, Daughters Can Make Dynamic DIY Duo

Kirti Patel and Laura Bruursema…now wonder whether they would’ve pursued STEM majors as undergrads…had they been exposed to the intersection of art, design and technology at an earlier age.

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