STEMinist Profile: Geeky Mikita, Physics Genius, Babysitter and STEM student

Geeky Mikita

Winner of the All Schools Everywhere Science Competition

Character in the book A Fairy in the Family Again

What inspired you to pursue a career in STEM?
I wanted to have a dinosaur as a pet and when my parents said “No” I tried to clone a dinosaur. That didn’t work. Then my science teacher, Miss Treacle, and I did a project where we designed and built an animatronic robot dinosaur. I have been doing STEM projects ever since.

What is the coolest project you have worked on and why?
I helped one of the other babysitters Keysha with her nail varnish project. I am sure you know that pearly nail varnishes get their pearliness from fish scales. Well, Keysha and I have a new pearly ingredient that means we don’t have to bother any fish. Helping animals and creatures with science is cool.

Role models and heroes:
My teacher Miss Treacle makes science fun. I really like Anne-Marie Amafidon from London who is a STEMette. The Stemettes do free events for girls. They have coding workshops, exhibitions and school trips. There’s always food. Anne-Marie Imafidon thinks girls should go on and work in STEM to help solve the world’s problems and I sooooo agree with her.

I like all the Hidden Figures mathematicians who helped to get human beings into space. Stephen Hawking is an impressive multi-tasker and so is Beyonce. Stephen Hawking is a cosmologist as well as a theoretical physicist and Beyonce is a mum as well as a musical genius. They are like me cos I had to babysit and do my homework at the same time.

Why do you loving working in STEM?
The best thing about doing projects is meeting people who help you with your project. They might see a way to do things that you would never have thought of. Bekki the Fairy helped me out when my particle accelerator didn’t work. I was stuck. I had made a machine for looking at particles and it wasn’t working. My machine was seven feet long and they really need to be about 17 miles like the Hadron Collider.

Miss Treacle has a friend who worked at CERN, the amazing centre in Switzerland where they built the giant Hadron Collider. He helped me and Miss Treacle to design a linear collider. Our collider was good, it was just a bit small for the job.

Well, I got stuck and didn’t know what to do. Bekki the Fairy did a fab spell that let me see particles and take pictures of them on my phone. Now the project is done and other scientists can use the information we found.

Advice for future STEMinists?
Ask for help. Honestly, some girls are such jelly-babies when it comes for asking for help. A supportive group is the best thing.

With my project looking for particles I got the other babysitters to help me collect Eezee Sneezee tissue boxes to build my particle accelerator. So, when I won it was like we all won. That’s science for you.

Favorite website or app:
Astronomy Photo of the Day. I like looking at the places that I will travel to one day so I like NASA’s site.

Website: Geeky Mikita stars in A Fairy in the Family Again by Avril O’Reilly.

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