Model predicts risk of women engineers leaving profession

According to Engineers Australia, only 9.6% of engineers in this country are women. More than half of these women are under 30 years of age and only 15 percent of women over 40 are still working in the profession.

[ via PACE (Process & Control Engineering) ]

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  • Clare Embling
    August 4, 2013 at 1:11 am

    Interesting! As an ex engineer with a lot of female friends who are ex engineers I find this fascinating. For me it wasn’t the environment as I had excellent colleagues & never felt discriminated against being a woman. For me it was just lack of interest, the subject didn’t excite me like biology does (I am now a marine biologist though use acoustics to study Marine life so my engineering skills still get used). I did a 5 year degree followed by 3 jobs to give it a really good go (in railway signalling & radio communications) but after 6 years in industry I quit to retrain in biology (I am now a lecturer in Marine ecology). Of my friends who left, two were the same as me – weren’t interested enough in the subject – one ended up as an oceanographer & another reretrained as a marine biologist but is now a maths teacher. Another friend had only recently quit her engineering job to retrain as a maths teacher because her job wasn’t flexible enough to work around family life & wasn’t seeing enough of her kids. Interestingly though we’ve all remained in science…