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Introducing the STEMinist Job Board

We are pleased to launch the STEMinist Job Board today in hopes of connecting STEMinist-friendly employers with talented women in STEM. It is free to both view and post job listings; after publication, listings will be active for 30 days.

What We Hope The Job Board Becomes
We hope the Job Board will provide job-seeking women in STEM another avenue with which to find opportunities as well as a means to identify employers who recognize the importance of workplace diversity. For employers, we hope it becomes a place to showcase their organization as one that values gender equity and an important tool in their efforts to recruit and reach out to a wider applicant pool.

Why a STEMinist Job Board?
I was motivated to add a Job Board to STEMinist after my own recent job search as a Software Engineer. Every day I reviewed job listings from Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist and the Careers sections of individual employers. And nearly every day I came across a listing written in such a manner it a) made it pretty clear it was written by men for men and b) completely turned me off from applying even if I met the qualifications.

The worst were misguided attempts at humor like listing “mustache growing ability” under “Desirable Skills,” or referring to wives and girlfriends instead of using gender-neutral language (as a gay woman the reference to wives/girlfriends actually did apply to me but I’m pretty sure these companies were not hosting Lesbian Recruiting Drives). The job listing made me feel unwelcome before I even had any actual contact with the company.

A common complaint among companies hiring developers is the lack of female applicants. How many women had the same reaction I did to these types of job postings? It takes effort and awareness to develop an inclusive job posting (not to mention an inclusive workplace in the first place) and I thought one way STEMinist could help was by providing a Job Board of its own, a place for progressive organizations to be seen and heard.

I really hope organizations step up and commit to diversity by submitting job listings to STEMinist, and in turn inspire and provide an example for other employers. Please help spread the word about our new Job Board and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions!

The STEMinist Job Board can be found at: STEMinist Job Board.

The STEMinist Jobs Twitter feed can be found at: @STEMinistJobs.