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Square launches Code Camp aimed at high school girls

The first time around the company offered one, three-day program for a total of fifteen winners, but Square is now splitting the program up into two parts: it is still offering the shorter program for college-age women (now a four-day long program offered to twenty winners) but also a new, eight-month long program aimed at high school girls, the company announced Wednesday.

[ via Vator News ]


Code Fellows to offer ‘Code Camp’ to at-risk youth, underprivileged women in Seattle

The camp will be held every morning from August 12 to 16 at the Seattle Union Gospel Mission Women’s shelter. According to a press release, the camp will focus on introducing “the kids and women to programming skills that are essential to the development of games, mobile apps and web apps – and it will provide them with a head-start on a potential career path in software development.”

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