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Gender equality is important in gaming – here’s why

They have no place, because developers and publishers have decided not to include them. For any number of reasons – the financial drain of designing extra characters, the belief that women don’t play genre X, or the idea that male gamers won’t play female characters. Regardless, the take-away message from this is that it’s not even worth trying to get women into gaming – that they, as a demographic, are essentially worthless to the industry.

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Code Liberation Foundation Working to Fix Sexism in Games

Code Liberation Foundation’s Catt Small, Phoenix Perry, Jane Friedhoff, and Nina Freeman are all women who were interested in programming at a young age but were discouraged from the field before college. They’re now all back to making games and hope to fix the damage that prevents women from entering the field.

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UCSC students design video game aimed at making astrophysics fun

Kate Compton and April Grow, both students at UCSC’s Center for Games and Playable Media, hope players will feel like they’re “farming” in space as they cultivate star gardens. In doing so, gamers will also learn about nucleosynthesis, the process by which stars forge atoms into the elements that make up the periodic table. But Stellar, which will be soon be available on Google’s Chrome Store, is first and foremost a game — and its programmers hope the approach will help spark children’s interest in science.

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Tech Host Veronica Belmont on Gaming, Women and the Mission

Nearly a decade later, Belmont hosts two web series shows on Discovery Network’s Revision3, a San Francisco-based digital production company. These include Tekzilla and Fact or Fictional, in which she explores whether technology from TV, movies, comics and games is achievable. For one episode, she and chemistry PhD Dr. Jovana J. Grbic tackled the science behind “Breaking Bad,” including the scene in which Walter White jumpstarts a dead car battery by building his own battery from used RV parts.

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Wanted: More Female Game Developers

While the Game Industry has always had a reputation for women being a tiny minority among its ranks, my own experience is that I’ve always worked with women throughout my career, and not just women who worked in Marketing or the Art Department.

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Scottish culture minister: we need more women in games development

The paucity of women game developers has become a major issue in the industry. Research by Develop magazine earlier this year found that only 6% of UK development staff are women and that, on average, they earn £3000 less than male counterparts. Everything from the once geeky image of games to the lack of role models in the technology sector has been blamed.

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