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New Women-only Hacking Event Smashes the ‘Google Glass Ceiling’

After Blakk welcomed participants to the workshop, everyone divided themselves up into groups based on their expertise with particular programming languages: Python, Ruby, Java, C++ and Android Studio. There were several women, like Tricia Cerone, who are avid Glass users and were interested in connecting with other female early adopters.

[ via KQED ]


‘Titstare’ app at TechCrunch: women in tech deserve better

All of this underscores the dichotomy of the tech scene: a world presented as an egalitarian free for all where anyone can get ahead on merit, and where ideas are the best currency. In other words, a perfect meritocratic system. And yet the industry runs on privilege, with sexist and juvenile behaviour based on gender stereotypes being routinely displayed.

[ via The Guardian ]