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Wanted! STEM internship hosts to inspire high school women!

The STEM Internship Program is an opportunity for young women, primarily from traditionally underrepresented economic and racial groups, to gain authentic, hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and increase their confidence and sense of self.

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Girl Scouts Unveil ‘Imagine Your STEM Future’ Program for High School Girls

Imagine Your STEM Future has already been piloted with more than 6,000 underserved teenage girls across the United States, with positive results. In post-evaluation research done by the Girl Scout Research Institute, girls said that the program increased their interest in STEM, led them to become more informed about STEM careers, helped them realize how important it is to take math and science in school, strengthened their critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and increased their confidence in their STEM skills.

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Knoxville teens rise to the top in national STEM competition

Working with coach Herbert Grant, a mechanical engineer with ORNL, other adult volunteers and Urban League staff, the student participants developed a case statement for W. I. S. E (Women in STEM Excelling) Entrepreneurial Academy. The case statement centers on a plan to introduce minority women to the entrepreneurial path within STEM disciplines and to provide leadership training, self-awareness activities, network building and career mentoring.

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