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Teaching Science Through Hip Hop

One of the things I’ve come to realize in working with young people is that it is imperative that we involve the adults in their lives in this mission. Because at the end of the day, if you want them to really have a leg up they need to participate in these summer academies, these authentic research programs.

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Putting The Spotlight On Blacks In Tech

Guess what. We’re not going to see that development in that African-American Steve Jobs if he’s not being mentored. You know, Steve Jobs was mentored by a lot of amazing people including one of the CEO’s of Intel and all sorts of other people. And what they do is they get in there, they work with you, they help you through these challenges and they share the network, they sponsor you and they support you. That’s what we have to have.

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Digitalundivided ups the dialogue on getting more black people into tech

“The only faces you see, the only people you cover in campaigns and in the media, are young white guys. If you were a young black woman or a young Latino woman and you wanted to get involved in tech and you don’t see anyone who looks like you, it’s hard to take that chance.”

“In order to change the face, you literally need to change the face.”

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Making STEM cool for women and minorities

Perhaps the final piece in the STEM puzzle — in addition to exciting curriculum, great teachers and hands-on experiences — is ensuring that girls and minorities interested in STEM have a role model that “looks like them” who can give them advice. As an African-American female, it was vital that I had someone to turn to who would understand the opportunities and challenges ahead. From the time I decided to enter engineering, I have had mentors push me, guide me and ultimately, inspire me.

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SwivetZone YouTube series promotes STEM for minorities, women

Swivet especially stands out in having a cast of characters made up of people of color and women — both groups who are an uncommon sight in the white, male-dominated worlds of science and technology. The protagonist is a young black girl named Diamond who has an “edietic” memory who is beginning to “realize the power of her intelligence and abilities.”

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Knoxville teens rise to the top in national STEM competition

Working with coach Herbert Grant, a mechanical engineer with ORNL, other adult volunteers and Urban League staff, the student participants developed a case statement for W. I. S. E (Women in STEM Excelling) Entrepreneurial Academy. The case statement centers on a plan to introduce minority women to the entrepreneurial path within STEM disciplines and to provide leadership training, self-awareness activities, network building and career mentoring.

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