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I Am Woman, Watch Me Hack

One of the biggest challenges, according to many in the industry, may be a public-image problem. Most young people, like Allen, simply don’t come into contact with computer scientists and engineers in their daily lives, and they don’t really understand what they do.

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Way to code: adult coding groups driving an upskilling revolution

PyLadies also addresses issues that women face within a male-dominated industry and provides a judgment-free and competition-free atmosphere for them to learn and grow. The effect on the larger Python community is visible in the numbers. Female attendance at the annual PyCon US conference in California in 2012 reached 11pc – the first time the figure had broken into double digits. This year, PyCon US 2013 had more than 20pc female attendance, and the number of female speakers matched that.

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That’s It — I’m Finished Defending Sexism In Tech

I wasn’t seeing the problems clearly because I’d been part of the industry for too long. I also wanted to focus on getting things done rather than on feminist-inspired activism. So I made the bros-only atmosphere work for me. I overcompensated by picking a frat boy to cofound a company with me (he was MIT & YC, by the way). I had the greatest time drinking scotch at Google I/O with some of the best CTOs in the media industry. They treated me like a bro. I didn’t want to lose those moments. And I thought that there was room for other women to have a similarly good experience.

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