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As STEM Graduate Rates Decline, Funding and Improving STEM Education Is More Crucial Than Ever

While STEM employers are eager to hire, the number of students pursuing STEM-related majors continues to shrink, especially among women and minorities. Just 16 percent of American high school seniors are both proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career, and only 25 percent of STEM graduates are women. Programs that encourage and help fund secondary education are critical to help students take advantage of the wide array of opportunities in STEM fields.

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The worst shirts for girls

The messages we send our children from the day they are born influence how they view themselves and the world. And if we clad our girls in messages that they are spoiled and divas and princesses and not that they are smart and brave, how can we not think that’s going to have an impact?

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SwivetZone YouTube series promotes STEM for minorities, women

Swivet especially stands out in having a cast of characters made up of people of color and women — both groups who are an uncommon sight in the white, male-dominated worlds of science and technology. The protagonist is a young black girl named Diamond who has an “edietic” memory who is beginning to “realize the power of her intelligence and abilities.”

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New law is a win for improved STEM education

Washington can only maintain its number-one state ranking in the concentration of STEM jobs if we ensure a high-quality and homegrown work force. Unfortunately, this is not currently the case. Our state has the second-fastest growing gap between the STEM jobs our economy is generating and the skills our students are learning.

[ Via The Daily Hearld – Everett, WA ]